SHOWS 2018/2019

We don't always intend to produce show animals, primarily were about creating a fantastic end product which is Beef, pork and lamb, but on a whole were super proud of our showing achievement's. 

Bagnell farm begun showing under "The Norton Valley" prefix in 2018. With our first season became unforgettable. We never intended to win anything, as we were grateful for the fact our children love to show cattle so it was more for them to keep an interest and show how biddable our cattle are.   

So we set out our little team, Norton valley Sunshine, Norton Valley Sarah and Norton Valley Salamander and prayed for the best! You only home you've managed to squeeze enough practicing in at home before their feet touch the showground (which can look like a Benny Hill sketch!)

Our little team grew with confidence and first show of the season we won with Norton Valley salamander taking breed champion at North Somerset Show and taking Native male also, but really The Royal Bath and West was the highlight of 2018.

We did ok in the breed classes, with Mark and Lisa's own heifers winning the pairs class, then going on to win the Native Pairs and then reserve overall Pairs... this was just the start!!

We then as a team got reserve group of 3, and reserve group of 4! We were elated, all we ant to do is produce consistent cattle!


Started with a win for Norton Valley Toffee who all season was in the top three, Norton valley Torch a lovely long bull was also in the top three all season, but as the season came to an end in September, Dorset County Show was a great one, we didn't win breed champion, or even reserve, but in our eyes we did better.. Sunday classes was the pairs interbreed.

They were made up from Norton Valley Tamara and Norton Valley Toffee who won the Devon Pairs class on the Saturday. This is were the girls come in!! Charlotte and Lisa love the pairs, (A cattle pairs class is to have two almost matching cattle, in size, stature and Hight.) to produce two cattle and make them look identical and my goodness, we did a great job!!  

We took Native pairs, Progeny pairs and then overall pairs!! we were super thrilled!! This is why it means more to us then winning breed champion, as your cattle are up against every other breed, native, traditional and continental.

Look out for us in 2020...