Red Ruby Devons

The Red Ruby Devon breed can be dated back to ancient times, although its exact origin is a little blurred.

Nowadays its native home in the United Kingdom is primarily in the Southwest of England and in particularly the Counties of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.

However, Devon’s are excellent foragers and their ability to utilise grass and other forages efficiently has heightened their popularity in areas such as Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

The name comes from their colour, which can vary from a rich deep red to a light red or chestnut colour, although in show circles a bright ruby red is preferred. The hair is of medium thickness and is often long and curly during winter, but short and sleek in summer and the switch (end) of the tail is a creamy white.

The functional characteristics of the Devon breed make them a valuable genetic tool for the commercial beef industry. They have long been noted for their fertility, ease of calving, docility, hardiness and ability to adapt to temperature extremes.

Typically, a mature bull, in good working condition weigh from 770kgs to 1000kgs and a mature cow weighs from 430kgs to 590kgs.

Their meat is typically dark red in colour with good marbling and with excellent flavour which is very popular with Restaurants



. We are a proud member of the Red Ruby Devon Cattle society.